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Bennett Group Financial – Tools for Savings and Retirement

In these complex times, investing money for savings and retirement has overwhelming choices. Filled with options like savings accounts, certificates of deposit (CDs), bonds, stocks, commodities, real estate, annuities, and mutual funds, figuring out a sound plan for savings and retirement is scary. The Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC has experts ready to help you sort through the possibilities to develop a custom designed financial plan just for you and your family or business.

The CEO is Dawn J. Bennett, who is a Certified Investment Management Analyst from the renowned Wharton School Securities Industry Institute and Wharton School of Business. She hosts very popular, informative weekly radio show called Financial Myth Busting. Listen to Ms. Bennett’s exacting, insightful interviews at http://www.financialmythbusting.com/guest_interviews.html#main2.

Added to her thirty years of experience, Ms. Bennett ensures excellence and asks the tough questions to make sure anyone she helps is educated about finance. The company was founded with a mission to ensure that you are provided with education and an understanding of your current financial situation. This is vital to successfully make prudent decisions concerning your future financial condition.

The financial advisers hired by this remarkable woman have her same hard working, investigative vigor. Bennett Group Financial’s advisors are ready to develop a solid financial plan for you. Your current financial situation will be analyzed to ensure your goals can be achieved effectively. All plans are unique to each client because we take the time to develop the exact financial plan to meet your finance dreams.