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Bennett Group Financial – Young People Need Estate Planning Too

Bennett Group Financial Group, LLC, is a successful investment advisor company that offers estate advice and planning services. The venture’s practice often involves young people who think that they do not need estate planning until they are older, or actually have an “estate”. In reality, this is not a good practice. While more complex estate planning is not necessarily something that one has to go through, ignoring basic estate planning can be a mistake.

Leaving Uncertainty Behind Is Not Good

The premature death of a person who is still young is terrible enough on its own, but when he or she leaves a bureaucratic mess behind, the aftermath becomes even bleaker. Dying without a will leaves open questions behind, including how the assets will be divided. This can often lead to family conflicts, which is, once again, not something anyone would want to cause, indirectly or not. Having a will is a no-brainer after a certain age, but young people can benefit just as much from it.

Documents Needed

There are five documents involving the estate planning process that could be important to an individual, but not all five are mandatory. These documents are the will itself, the power of attorney for property, power of attorney for health care, a living will, and beneficiary designations. Before making these documents available with the help of a company like Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, the individuals who think about having an estate plan should first talk to their friends and relatives, the people who will usually be entrusted with the responsibilities the abovementioned documents create.

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CEO of Bennett Group Financial Giving Free Financial Advice

Yes, you read that correctly. Dawn J. Bennett, the founder and CEO of Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, is giving out FREE financial advice every Sunday at 10:00 AM on her radio show entitled Financial Myth Busting. People all over tune in for her professional financial advice.

The Wharton graduate with over 30 years of financial experience broadcasts weekly out of Washington, D.C. She takes on politics and the economy, asking bold questions backed by her proven financial intelligence. Her specialty: economic issues that are highly misunderstood and often twisted by the media. Dawn addresses a wide range of issues, including investing, college decisions, democracy, taxes, even paternalism in our country! Just about any major issue that comes to mind, whether domestic or global, either has or likely will end up in the archives of Financial Myth Busting as a topic Dawn has tackled.

Not sure if gold is a good investment? Curious about how the world market is reacting after Brexit? Or maybe you need some good advice on how to get through Christmas on a budget? Let this savvy, successful financial advisor leads you down the right path to stability. Even if you aren’t within broadcast range, you can find all of Dawn’s previous broadcasts, along with interviews, podcasts, and forums on the website http://www.financialmythbusting.com/. Dawn’s financial services company, Bennett Group Financial, advises wealthy people on how to be intelligently wealthy. You too can have that financially astute brain at your disposal by tuning in or following that link.


Who is Dawn Bennett of Bennett Group Financial?

Dawn Bennett is much more than your average financial analyst. Ms. Bennett is the founder and CEO of Bennett Group Financial in Washington, D.C. While she is more than qualified to assist you in your financial journey, she is also the creator of her own high-end athletic apparel company.

Her education background includes graduating from four major schools: Wharton School Securities Industry Institute, Wharton School of Business, University of Utah, and Middlebury College. After receiving her education, Bennett held positions as Senior Vice President/Investment Officer for multiple companies, spent time as a visiting professor at Johns Hopkins University Evergreen Society, and even had a position as a panelist and guest speaker at the National Women’s Political Caucus Conference. Using her experience, this intelligent, well-rounded, certified investment management analyst went on to start her own financial research and media firm: Bennett Group Financial, LLC.

Despite her busy schedule of accepting awards, media appearances, and interviews (bot radio and print) to commend her excellence in financial management, Dawn Bennett has found the time to create her own brand of luxury sports apparel and a community for those lifestyles that utilize it. Her brand, DJBENNETT, represents a place where likeminded, globe-trotting athletes can find stylish gear and apparel, unique travel destinations, and a community to share their experiences. DJBENNETT is a brand for those who live an adventurous lifestyle.

For a more detailed glimpse into the life of driven woman, as well as Bennett Group Financial, visit http://bennettgroupfinancial.com/dawn-j-bennett.html. To check out her athletic apparel, visit www.djbennett.com.


Bennett Group Financial – Tools for Savings and Retirement

In these complex times, investing money for savings and retirement has overwhelming choices. Filled with options like savings accounts, certificates of deposit (CDs), bonds, stocks, commodities, real estate, annuities, and mutual funds, figuring out a sound plan for savings and retirement is scary. The Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC has experts ready to help you sort through the possibilities to develop a custom designed financial plan just for you and your family or business.

The CEO is Dawn J. Bennett, who is a Certified Investment Management Analyst from the renowned Wharton School Securities Industry Institute and Wharton School of Business. She hosts very popular, informative weekly radio show called Financial Myth Busting. Listen to Ms. Bennett’s exacting, insightful interviews at http://www.financialmythbusting.com/guest_interviews.html#main2.

Added to her thirty years of experience, Ms. Bennett ensures excellence and asks the tough questions to make sure anyone she helps is educated about finance. The company was founded with a mission to ensure that you are provided with education and an understanding of your current financial situation. This is vital to successfully make prudent decisions concerning your future financial condition.

The financial advisers hired by this remarkable woman have her same hard working, investigative vigor. Bennett Group Financial’s advisors are ready to develop a solid financial plan for you. Your current financial situation will be analyzed to ensure your goals can be achieved effectively. All plans are unique to each client because we take the time to develop the exact financial plan to meet your finance dreams.

Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC – Fixing Your Personal Finances

Located in Washington D.C., Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, is a monetary advisement firm owned by industry leader Dawn J. Bennett. If you choose to solicit her team’s services, you will have the opportunity to manage your finances under the watchful, trained eye of an expert. The firm’s talented team is excellent at improving portfolios and heightening security, boasting an impressive, decade-long reputation in fiscal planning. However, before working with a firm like Dawn J. Bennett’s, you must commit the time to fixing your personal finances by initiating an emergency fund, simplifying things and knowing your score.

Everyone should have an emergency fund because inevitably, rainy days will come. Whether you lose your job, wreck your car or your identity is stolen (or something worse, God-forbid), an emergency fund will be there when you have limited options. Ideally, you should have at least six months of your general expenses matched in an emergency fund before you stop contributing.

Regularly checking your credit score is one of the best steps you can take toward responsibly managing your finances as well. You can check your score for free via the Internet, and doing so will alert you of false delinquency reports and additional issues that may require amendments to restore your score.

Finally, if you have multiple bank accounts, credit cards and other financial commitments, consolidating them will make your finances easier to manage. You can either close unnecessary accounts or use an Online consolidation option that will sync all of your financial accounts through a single, easy-to-use portal.

At the start of your first meeting with an financial advisor, he or she advisor will likely lay out similar steps highlighted above, fixing your personal finances before serious investments can be undertaken.

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Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC – Alternative Routes

Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, is run by industry expert and radio talk show host Dawn J. Bennett. The firm’s overarching mission is to improve clients’ financial portfolios. Among the investment choices that she promotes is gold and other precious metals. If you’re new to precious metal investing, the best way to approach is with a trained advisor because there are several different options. For example, did you know that you can invest in gold without ever owning a physical piece of metal? Alternative routes may not always be the most fruitful option, but many choose to invest in precious metals through less common modes such as allocated accounts, E-Gold and paper gold.

Allocated accounts allow you to purchase gold currency through a bullion broker whom will ship or transfer the bullion to a bank or depository. The investor owns title to the specific coins and bars being transferred. This is often considered the safest way to invest in physical gold bullion and bars among the alternative options.

E-Gold or “goldgrammes” are modern precious metal options supplied by digital gold currency (DGC) providers. They are self-regulated and often used by Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, experts to buy gold, to save and to invest in as electric currency. Also, many investors put their money in mining organizations and companies exploring new gold deposits in search of profit. This is called buying paper gold and it is riskier than purchasing physical gold, although the choice remains popular in diverse portfolios.

If you’re not sure which alternative routes are best for you to invest in, speak with an advisor from a company like Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC. Everyone’s portfolio is different and, depending on risk tolerance, goals and assets, the best choices vary.


Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC – Solve Monetary Issues

Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, is a wealth management firm that has solved clients’ problems and improved their portfolios since 2006. Working with experienced financial advisors offers a number of benefits because they regularly solve monetary issues commonly found in the average person’s portfolio. Examples of problems that financial advisement could solve include lack of down market strategy, uncertainty with savings and lack of a legacy plan.

When the mortgage bubble perforated in 2008, most people in the real estate sector suffered heavy losses. This is known as a down market. If you don’t strategize for such happenings, you will lose large portions of capital when the bubble inevitably bursts again.

Also, no matter how old you are or where your life is at, the time to begin saving for retirement is now. Anyone who seeks financial security should have an emergency fund established as well; and anyone who seeks to invest should have a certain amount of liquid savings before they do so. If you haven’t begun saving, or if you aren’t sure if you’re saving enough, Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, can point you in the right direction.

Finally, if you die, what will happen to your assets? Will your loved ones have access to your finances and investment portfolio? If you’re uncertain, set up a legacy plan to protect what’s dear to your heart after you’re gone. Not all financial advisors can write the documents required for a legacy plan, but they can connect you with qualified professionals to get started.

Solve monetary issues and reduce stress associated with handling your finances by working with a company like Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC. You won’t regret it.