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Bennett Group Financial Services LLC: Managing Wealth

Bennett Group Financial Services LLC founded by Dawn Bennett as a comprehensive financial research and media firm. It provides clients with everything they need to manage their wealth, including a sound understanding of the finance industry.

Financial Myth Busting, a popular radio show in Washington, D.C., offers Bennett Group Financial Services LLC clients yet another valuable source of wealth management information. If you would like to begin managing your own finances, and you don’t yet have a surplus of resources, tips like those touched on below can help you start in the right direction:

  • Make Goals First

Managing your wealth requires goals so that you know how much you need to put where. Take time to consider what you want in your life. Retirement, travel, purchasing a car, buying property, paying down student loans and any other goals you have for your life should be considered.

  • Plan Second

You need a plan if you’re going to reach your goals. Consider each goal’s time frame and cost, and then plan for how much you need each month to get there. This could mean pushing some goals back or finding new sources of income.

For comprehensive information about wealth management, pick up a best-selling book on the topic and go from there. Alternately, contact a financial advisor in your area for a personal consultation. For additional reading on Bennett Group Financial Services, check out at : https://www.techgig.com/bennettgroupfinancial


Ten Ways to Take Money Out of Your 401k Without Penalty

Some people look at their 401k plan as an untouchable entity that needs to be left alone until their retirement, but those who rely on a company like Bennett Group Financial Services know that this does not have to be the only option. There are several ways of getting money out of one’s 401k without incurring the 10% penalty, and though not all of them are ideal, it is nevertheless important to know about them — they can come in handy in times of need.

  • Traditional Way

The most common way of getting the money is waiting until you are 59 ½ years old. This obviously does not warrant any penalty.

  • Age 55 Exception

If you leave your job after you turn 55 years old, you can withdraw the money without being penalized.

  • Age 50 Exception

The age 50 exception is similar to the age 55 exception. There is one difference between the two though, which is the fact that this exception is mostly available for those who had a public safety profession, like being a police officer or a firefighter.

  • Required Minimum Distribution

If you reach the required minimum distribution, you also become eligible for the money. Sometimes this exception is available for those who inherited a 401k.

  • Death

This is obviously not an ideal scenario, but if you die, the beneficiaries can take distributions out of the 401k without having to pay any penalty for it.

  • Disability

Having a disability also allows someone to get money out of their 401k, but the IRS’s definition is very strict for this exception, as only those who are “totally and permanently disabled” can take advantage of this option.

  • High Unreimbursed Medical Expenses

If you had medical expenses that were not refunded, you may be eligible to take the money out of your 401k, but only a limited amount, which in practice, means 90% of the expenses.

  • IRS Levy

When the IRS charges an account for unpaid taxes or imposes on it a levy, withdrawing money from the 401k may not be penalized.

  • Auto-enrollment

Those who have a 401k plan with auto-enrollment can take certain distributions – if they do not want the enrollment anymore – without being penalized for it.

  • Divorce

If the divorce decree involves the 401k among the dividable assets, you can take the money out penalty-free.

In addition to these situations, there are additional circumstances that allow you to get into your 401k penalty-free, and an investment advisor company like Bennett Group Financial Services can help you discover them.

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Bennett Group Financial: Less Known Facts About Your 401k Plan

Many people have a 401k plan and there is a good reason for that: people want financial stability once they stop working. As a company like Bennett Group Financial Services would tell you, however, these plans can offer more than retirement money. If used wisely, they can yield you far more financial benefits, which can be a welcomed addition to your 401k money. Some of the creative ways of using your 401k are taking a loan or tapping into it before retiring.


Not all people realize this, but the 401k is actually a source of money that is available for them to use. It can even be used as a loan when all other options fail. A financial expert can look at your 401k and help you find out whether you can use it as a loan or not. Now, of course, the loan has to be paid back, but knowing that you have a source of money available if you need it can increase your financial comfort.

Accessing the Money Before Retirement

This is not available with every kind of 401k plan, but some allow you to access the money before your retirement. It is called an “in-service distribution”, and if you are still employed by your company at the time you want to access it, you might be eligible to do so, depending on which type of 401k you have.

To know if your 401k qualifies or not, get in contact with an investment advisor company like Bennett Group Financial Services

Bennett Group Financial: A Diverse Investing Advisor Company

Bennett Group Financial Services is one of the most successful investing advisor companies in North America. The company that is led by founder and CEO Dawn J. Bennett is located in Washington DC, and the venture is renowned for their collective expertise and highly effective methods.

The Philosophy Behind the Venture

Bennett Group Financial was founded with one goal in mind: to assist the company’s clients in all aspects of their financial lives. To provide that, Dawn J. Bennett put together a team of professionals that brought rare and distinctive skills and tools to the table. These professionals are efficient even at an individual level, but together, using sophisticated analytical tools, they are able to provide diverse financial plans that allow their clients to have financial stability and independence in their investments.

A Highly Dedicated Staff

At Bennett Group Financial Services, the employees are all experienced professionals who were successful on their own right before joining the company. When the founder of the venture set out to find the right individuals for her venture, she was looking for people who – through the expertise and the knowledge – were good at their jobs, people who had a commitment to the craft not simply because they were good at it, but because they truly cared.

That, combined with the undeniable expertise that characterizes the whole company, allowed Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, to create a highly comprehensive and thoroughly efficient investing advisor service, which shortly after its founding became one of the most successful of its kind.

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CEO of Bennett Group Financial Giving Free Financial Advice

Yes, you read that correctly. Dawn J. Bennett, the founder and CEO of Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, is giving out FREE financial advice every Sunday at 10:00 AM on her radio show entitled Financial Myth Busting. People all over tune in for her professional financial advice.

The Wharton graduate with over 30 years of financial experience broadcasts weekly out of Washington, D.C. She takes on politics and the economy, asking bold questions backed by her proven financial intelligence. Her specialty: economic issues that are highly misunderstood and often twisted by the media. Dawn addresses a wide range of issues, including investing, college decisions, democracy, taxes, even paternalism in our country! Just about any major issue that comes to mind, whether domestic or global, either has or likely will end up in the archives of Financial Myth Busting as a topic Dawn has tackled.

Not sure if gold is a good investment? Curious about how the world market is reacting after Brexit? Or maybe you need some good advice on how to get through Christmas on a budget? Let this savvy, successful financial advisor leads you down the right path to stability. Even if you aren’t within broadcast range, you can find all of Dawn’s previous broadcasts, along with interviews, podcasts, and forums on the website http://www.financialmythbusting.com/. Dawn’s financial services company, Bennett Group Financial, advises wealthy people on how to be intelligently wealthy. You too can have that financially astute brain at your disposal by tuning in or following that link.


Bennett Group Financial – Politics of Economics Can Impact Your Bottom Line

While it may seem unlikely, the politics of economics can impact your bottom line. Bennett Group Financial’s CEO Dawn J. Bennett knows this first hand from being the subject of a Securities and Exchange Committee’s (SEC) investigation for seven years. Calling it a witch hunt, during the time the SEC investigated her, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (FINRA) conducted an audit that included a destructive search of her office and personal items.

The Dodd-Frank act did add some necessary oversight to the financial industry as reaction to the mortgage crisis. However, the government is adding more oversight and limiting personal freedoms. It is a balancing act for the government and for you, its citizens. Many factors converge in the creation of regulation and the country’s willingness to be regulated.

Economic indicators come in many forms and it takes a lot of experience and education to know which indicators are essential. There is balancing act that involves looking at many data sources to see if all support a good economy. Dawn excels in reading the indicators and figuring out where the economy is headed. See more at http://www.financialmythbusting.com/archive.html#main2

Bennett Group Financials cautions be wary of the today’s historically high stock market. Many other economic indicters contradict that healthy indicator. Debt for many countries around the globe is expected to rise according to Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings. Of the companies who have reported second quarter earnings for 2016 show greatly reduced earnings. Even the oil rich Middle Eastern countries have red line budgets. Educate yourself and vote.