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Bennett Group Financial: Three Investment Tips for Beginners

The talented financial professionals at Bennett Group Financial know that, for beginners, investing can seem like an entirely different world with its own language and rules, but it only takes a little bit of education and resources to begin navigating more comfortably, and those new to investing may want to consider the following:

  • Choosing a financial planner to help you get started can do wonders. Rather than trying to learn everything on your own, a financial planner can assist you in narrowing down what it is you are hoping to accomplish and create a framework to help you reach those goals. This can help minimize the initial anxiety while setting you out on a clear path.
  • Once you have your plan in place, be “hands on” with your portfolio by checking in regularly. Investments can’t just be left alone, it’s important that you learn how to track them to make sure they’re growing, and if not, decide how to respond to the situation.
  • Build good investment habits by creating automatic payments each month. Even if it’s a small amount, you’ll see how it begins to grow over time, which may allow you to open up new investment opportunities.

Dawn Bennett, the celebrated host of “Financial Myth Busting,” is the founder and CEO of Bennett Group Financial


Bennett Group Financial: Two Finance Tips for Millennials

The finance professionals at Bennett Group Financial know that it’s never too early to begin making wise choices with your money. While you may not yet be in a position to be making lengthy deposits into a retirement account, there are still multiple steps you can take to be smart with your money, such as the following:

  • Don’t buy fancier items than you can afford. Buying a house, apartment, or car that is out of your price range is only going to add a mountain of debt that will continue to pile up over time. Though at times going into debt is necessary, don’t do it for the wrong reasons. You will have time to buy the things you want, but crippling your savings capacity early will cause you problems later on.
  • Pay off debts as quickly as you can and avoid taking on new debt when it isn’t necessary. When you get a raise or a new job, try to focus on building your savings with these big life changes, and make sure that you really need whatever is tempting you.

Bennett Group Financial knows that you should begin saving now. Even if it’s just fifty dollars per month, it adds up over time. Building this habit is valuable regardless of how much money you currently make

Bennett Group Financial: The Basics of Retirement Planning

The professionals at Bennett Group Financial know that planning for retirement, especially later in life, can be a stressful and overwhelming endeavor. With the insecurity of government-sponsored retirement, it’s never too early to begin saving, and there are multiple tools that will help you begin strongly, such as the following:

  • Hire a financial planner to help you lay the foundation of what you and your family are going to need. The finance world often comes with its own language, and being able to share your distinct situation with a professional will ensure that you can maximize your efforts from the very beginning.
  • Maintain a diversified portfolio. Putting all your assets into one account, one stock, or one general investment opportunity could cause problems for you when you need to start drawing money, or when the value of your investment drops. Having multiple avenues will give you more flexibility when the time comes to take money out and acts as a cushion against economic issues.
  • Take care of your debt as soon as possible. Paying off credit cards or student loans for the rest of your life leaves you with significantly less money to save, so move as quickly as possible to pay those down as soon as possible.

Dawn Bennett, founder and CEO of Bennett Group Financial, enjoys educating people about how to build and manage their wealth.

Bennett Group Financial: Three Reasons to Consider Investing in Gold

Dawn Bennett, founder and CEO of Bennett Group Financial, knows that providing insightful and up-to-date financial counseling to their clients has the opportunity to change lives. With a multitude of investment options, it can be difficult to know where to begin, but their talented professionals are ready to help you find the best fit for your situation. For many clients, choosing gold may be a valuable investment for the following reasons:

  • Gold has historically maintained its value, seen as a preservation method of one’s wealth that can be passed down from one generation to the next. It has been a wealth symbol of numerous civilizations, and it continues to hold the weight as a currency that it always has.
  • The U.S. dollar has become weaker over time. While it is still one of the world’s most important currencies, it is not as secure as gold. As the value of the dollar sinks more, more people will choose to invest in gold, which raises its value.
  • Gold is an excellent way of diversifying your portfolio, meaning that your investments are not closely correlated and connected to one another. This is important to protect your assets and maintain your wealth regardless of the state of the economy.

The advisors at Bennett Group Financial look forward to meeting with new clients.

Bennett Group Financial Services LLC: Managing Wealth

Bennett Group Financial Services LLC founded by Dawn Bennett as a comprehensive financial research and media firm. It provides clients with everything they need to manage their wealth, including a sound understanding of the finance industry.

Financial Myth Busting, a popular radio show in Washington, D.C., offers Bennett Group Financial Services LLC clients yet another valuable source of wealth management information. If you would like to begin managing your own finances, and you don’t yet have a surplus of resources, tips like those touched on below can help you start in the right direction:

  • Make Goals First

Managing your wealth requires goals so that you know how much you need to put where. Take time to consider what you want in your life. Retirement, travel, purchasing a car, buying property, paying down student loans and any other goals you have for your life should be considered.

  • Plan Second

You need a plan if you’re going to reach your goals. Consider each goal’s time frame and cost, and then plan for how much you need each month to get there. This could mean pushing some goals back or finding new sources of income.

For comprehensive information about wealth management, pick up a best-selling book on the topic and go from there. Alternately, contact a financial advisor in your area for a personal consultation. For additional reading on Bennett Group Financial Services, check out at :

Bennett Group Financial: Less Known Facts About Your 401k Plan

Many people have a 401k plan and there is a good reason for that: people want financial stability once they stop working. As a company like Bennett Group Financial Services would tell you, however, these plans can offer more than retirement money. If used wisely, they can yield you far more financial benefits, which can be a welcomed addition to your 401k money. Some of the creative ways of using your 401k are taking a loan or tapping into it before retiring.


Not all people realize this, but the 401k is actually a source of money that is available for them to use. It can even be used as a loan when all other options fail. A financial expert can look at your 401k and help you find out whether you can use it as a loan or not. Now, of course, the loan has to be paid back, but knowing that you have a source of money available if you need it can increase your financial comfort.

Accessing the Money Before Retirement

This is not available with every kind of 401k plan, but some allow you to access the money before your retirement. It is called an “in-service distribution”, and if you are still employed by your company at the time you want to access it, you might be eligible to do so, depending on which type of 401k you have.

To know if your 401k qualifies or not, get in contact with an investment advisor company like Bennett Group Financial Services