Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC – Fixing Your Personal Finances

Located in Washington D.C., Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, is a monetary advisement firm owned by industry leader Dawn J. Bennett. If you choose to solicit her team’s services, you will have the opportunity to manage your finances under the watchful, trained eye of an expert. The firm’s talented team is excellent at improving portfolios and heightening security, boasting an impressive, decade-long reputation in fiscal planning. However, before working with a firm like Dawn J. Bennett’s, you must commit the time to fixing your personal finances by initiating an emergency fund, simplifying things and knowing your score.

Everyone should have an emergency fund because inevitably, rainy days will come. Whether you lose your job, wreck your car or your identity is stolen (or something worse, God-forbid), an emergency fund will be there when you have limited options. Ideally, you should have at least six months of your general expenses matched in an emergency fund before you stop contributing.

Regularly checking your credit score is one of the best steps you can take toward responsibly managing your finances as well. You can check your score for free via the Internet, and doing so will alert you of false delinquency reports and additional issues that may require amendments to restore your score.

Finally, if you have multiple bank accounts, credit cards and other financial commitments, consolidating them will make your finances easier to manage. You can either close unnecessary accounts or use an Online consolidation option that will sync all of your financial accounts through a single, easy-to-use portal.

At the start of your first meeting with an financial advisor, he or she advisor will likely lay out similar steps highlighted above, fixing your personal finances before serious investments can be undertaken.

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