Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC – Less-Common Gold Investing Account Types

Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, is run by industry expert and radio talk show host Dawn Bennett in an effort to help her clients improve their financial portfolios. Among the investment choices that Bennett promotes is gold and other precious metals.

If you’re new to precious metals investing, or even if you aren’t, the best way to approach it safely is often with an advisor – like those on the Bennett Group team – by your side. For example, did you know that you can invest in gold without ever owning a physical piece of the metal? It isn’t always considered the best option, but many choose to invest in precious metals through less-common routes such as…

  • Allocated Accounts – An allocated account will allow you to purchase gold currency through a bullion broker that will ship or transfer the bullion to a bank or depository. The investor has title to the specific coins and bars being transferred; this is often considered a safe way to own physical gold bullion and bars.
  • E-Gold – E-gold or “goldgrammes” are modern precious metals options supplied by digital gold currency (DGC) providers. The DGC providers are self-regulated and they are often used by investment clients to buy gold to save, to use as an investment or as electronic currency.
  • Paper Gold – Investing in mining companies and organizations exploring new gold deposits is often coined as buying paper gold. This method of investing is riskier than buying physical gold, but still popular in diverse portfolios.

If you’re not sure which options are best for you to invest in, speak with an advisor from a company like Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC. Everyone’s portfolio is different and, depending on risk tolerance, goals and assets, the best choices vary per person.