Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC – Benefits of Wealth Management

Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, is a reputable Washington D.C. financial firm with a decade of experience and financial radio show host Dawn Bennett as acting CEO. The company offers wealth management to high net worth clients, and many of the insights used to refine client portfolios come straight from Dawn Bennett’s Financial Myth Busting weekly radio show. This is one of many benefits of working with a company like Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, for wealth management. Other perks include things like…

  • Risk Management – Active risk management from a wealth management professional can protect your assets through intelligent allocation that accounts for current market factors. If you don’t have a pro reducing your risks, you’re putting more on the line with your investments than you should be.
  • Behavioral Management – Even the professionals are prone to behavioral biases that can cloud their investing judgement, and without something or someone to keep that in check, your behavior can sabotage your portfolio. An advisor will guide you away from hasty choices and prompt you to double- and triple-check yourself before making big (and potentially damaging) decisions.
  • Marketing Weightings – Some investment characteristics can outperform others over time, and your portfolio should be adjusted accordingly to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. Without an advisor, many investors fail to properly consider current market weightings, which means that they’re selling their profits short.

If you’ve never let a professional from a firm like Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, look at your finances, you don’t know what you could be missing. The best way to find out is to schedule an appointment for a consultation today.